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Orange You Glad

Cynthia Rowley Fit & Flare Dress


Happy Thursday, y'all! How is you guys' week going? My week has been kinda exciting. I've been at my new job 5 weeks, and yesterday, I officially kicked off my first project! I'm also kinda nervous, but it's the good kinda nervous.

This orange dress is one of those pieces that I usually feel indifferent about. I forget about it. When I see it in my closet, I'm just like "meh". Read more

Outfit: Denim + Leopard

Denim Shirt


Happy Monday, lovies! How was you guys' weekend? Mine was good - lots of family time & some work.

So, I actually wore this outfit out last weekend, for dinner and a night out with some business school friends. Let me tell you why I didn't post it earlier. There's an almost devastating story. Read more

Another Wrap Dress

Faux Wrap Dress


Happy Friday, babies! It's been a long, weird week. I've had the worst toothache for over a week. Actually teeth ache. It's been on both sides. Top and bottom. It's been awful. Finally made it to a dentist yesterday, and it turns out I have 2 cavities. One on each side, both in the same spot. And both cavities decided to go to work at the same time. Anyways, I know what it is, and I'm getting it fixed next week. So, TGIF!!

As for today's outfit, it's just another day, another wrap dress. Yep. In my last post, I mentioned how my mom had quite a bit to say about that outfit. For the most part, my mom is on board with what I wear. If she has something to say, it's usually a suggestion that makes the outfit look better. That's exactly what happened yesterday, when I wore this outfit to work! Read more

Outfit: Stripes & Floral

J. Crew Stripped Shirt


Happy Tuesday, loves! So, I wore this outfit to work yesterday. This floral pencil skirt (also seen here) & stripped tunic shirt (also seen here) are two of my favorite things to mix and match with other items in my closet. and mom goes - "I don't know how you've mixed stripes & floral. I don't get this outfit!". Usually, mom's on board with what I wear, and if she's not, she has a better suggestion. She just didn't get the stripes & floral mix though. I thought I did pretty good, but mom totally threw me off. What do you guys think? Is it working? Read more

Outfit: Coral Color Block Dress

Coral Color Block Dress


Happy almost Friday, lovies! So, yesterday was my 14th "coming to America" anniversary - fourteen years since my family and I moved to the US! Feels like an entire lifetime ago! Anyways, it's now been over 3 weeks since I started my new job, and I have yet to wear the same outfit twice. I feel like I can't. That's probably just the blogger in me. The reality, however, is that it might be time to start repeating outfits. I reached that point of debate on Tuesday, and I was all ready to wear the same dress I wore on my first day and then, Read more