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Outfit: Leather Peplum Skirt

Lace Up Booties


Happy Tuesday/Monday, y'all! How was you guys long weekend? Mine wasn't really exciting or anything, but lots of family time, which was great. Also, yesterday, I went car shopping. OMG, you guys, I'm buying my first car! Even though I paid for grad school, which cost wayyyy more than any car I'm thinking of buying, it feels like this is going to be my biggest purchase to date. Read more

Full Skirt

J. Crew Floral Sweater


Annnd it's Monday again! Can ya believe it? The weekend just flew by .... as it always does! How was you guys' weekend? Mine was pretty low key. Lots of family time - seems like that's been the trend in the past few weekends. I was in SF for 2.5 months so I'm trying to make up for that.

So, this full skirt is another one of my thrifted finds. It's Trina Turk, and I feel like it's extremely versatile and classic. The best part? Read more

Orange You Glad

Cynthia Rowley Fit & Flare Dress


Happy Thursday, y'all! How is you guys' week going? My week has been kinda exciting. I've been at my new job 5 weeks, and yesterday, I officially kicked off my first project! I'm also kinda nervous, but it's the good kinda nervous.

This orange dress is one of those pieces that I usually feel indifferent about. I forget about it. When I see it in my closet, I'm just like "meh". Read more

Outfit: Denim + Leopard

Denim Shirt


Happy Monday, lovies! How was you guys' weekend? Mine was good - lots of family time & some work.

So, I actually wore this outfit out last weekend, for dinner and a night out with some business school friends. Let me tell you why I didn't post it earlier. There's an almost devastating story. Read more

Another Wrap Dress

Faux Wrap Dress


Happy Friday, babies! It's been a long, weird week. I've had the worst toothache for over a week. Actually teeth ache. It's been on both sides. Top and bottom. It's been awful. Finally made it to a dentist yesterday, and it turns out I have 2 cavities. One on each side, both in the same spot. And both cavities decided to go to work at the same time. Anyways, I know what it is, and I'm getting it fixed next week. So, TGIF!!

As for today's outfit, it's just another day, another wrap dress. Yep. In my last post, I mentioned how my mom had quite a bit to say about that outfit. For the most part, my mom is on board with what I wear. If she has something to say, it's usually a suggestion that makes the outfit look better. That's exactly what happened yesterday, when I wore this outfit to work! Read more