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What To Expect During the Urine Test

Before you can pass a urine test if you have been using, you should know what to expect during the test. If you are taking the test at your own expense, you would need to make the payment before you give your sample.

You should understand that the technician will be looking at everything and listening to everything. If you do anything suspicious, the technician will pick up on it. If the tech finds that you are doing something that you aren’t supposed to, your test will be considered a failure. If you leave the testing facility before giving a sample, it will also be considered a fail.

When you give your sample, you will be permitted to leave. Most testing facilities won’t let you know if you passed or failed before you leave. You will find out when you are contacted by the person who sent you for the test.

5 Things Fail A Drug Test

The last thing that you want is to fail a drug test even if you haven’t used drugs. There are five everyday items that can cause a negative test result. These should be avoided before you take your test.

  1. Poppy seeds
  2. Adderall (Even if it is prescribed)
  3. Advil
  4. Azo Urinary Pain Relief

Tip #1: Water In Your Urine: One of the simplest ways to pass a drug test is to drink plenty of water. This method likely won’t work if you used drugs the day before, however, if it has been days or weeks since you last used, drinking water can help. Before you go in for your test, you should drink eight glasses of water. There is a common myth that drinking more water than that will increase your chances even more of passing the test. The more you drink, the more you will pee.

This can help to flush the drugs out of your system. This is not true. First, drinking too much water can be very dangerous to your health. Also, the technician who administers your drug test will be trained to spot diluted urine. If you pee in the cup and your urine has no color at all, it will be a red flag.

This red flag will result in the technician testing your urine to find out how much water is in your urine. If they find that most of the urine is water, you could end up failing the test. Don’t fail the drug test by using Darken your urine by taking a few vitamin B supplements. If your urine is dark, the technician will have no reason to test your urine for its water content. Before taking a vitamin B supplement, be sure to read the directions on the bottle. Too many supplements will make your urine too dark. This could raise a red flag as well.

Tip #2: Detox Drinks

There are plenty of sites online that sell drinks that are designed to detox your body. These products are also sold in health stores. If you are going to depend on detox drinks to pass your drug test, you should understand that the companies who make these products put a disclaimer in small print on the label letting you know that there is no guarantee that you are going to pass your test.

Therefore, you should use detox drinks at your own risk. If you are going to try to pass your drug test with a detox drink, you should know how they work. Most of these drinks take an hour or two before they start to take effect. Also, the results of these drinks don’t last long. In just a few hours, the drink will no longer be sufficient. If you are going to try to use one of these drinks, you are going to need to time it out perfectly if you want to pass your drug test.